Looking to cater for thousands of guests? Piquant can pull it off and all with a smile…


Piquant Catering is experienced in catering for the masses, from 4000 people at Royal Randwick Racecourse Lawn Party to 1,200 people across five locations for the 2016 World Baseball Classic Qualifier. When catering for large numbers, the outcome of the event comes down to precision logistics, meticulous project management and being able to think on your feet to resolve any unexpected setbacks. Piquant Catering has proven their ability to tick all of these boxes time and time again and we have the essential industry knowledge to pull off the impossible!

“In my position as Director of Baseball Development Asia I have the opportunity to manage MLB ballpark operations throughout the world…This was the most challenging catering assignment I have seen in professional baseball…The logistics for the catering spanned over three athletic venues, served simultaneously in each of the five clubhouses, three times per game. Throughout the event Piquant Catering conducted their work in a very professional and reliable manner. No task or ever too hard…It is without reservation that I recommend them to any organization to cater their event.” – Rick Dell, Director Baseball Development, Asia, Major League Baseball

“Piquant Catering provided catering services for professional athletes and staff across the entire tournament. Their organisation and communication prior and during the event were exceptional and executed the job in a very professional manner. Piquant Catering were very flexible in their services and met the strict nutritional requirements of the Major League Baseball Players Association. The Australian Baseball League and Major League Baseball were very happy with their quality of food and customer service.”- Kelly Cheng, Operations Manager, Australian Baseball League

Piquant Catering have experience providing greenfield event management, for those blank canvas events, when all there is to work with is an open field. Piquant Catering will organise the structures, the facilities and the kitchen as the bones of your event and we can also arrange the decor, the equipment and the event staff to bring the rest together. To top it off we will provide sensational food and beverage on whatever scale you require to meet the needs of your guests.

Piquant Catering has the industry contacts and the ‘know-how’ to put together a major event from scratch for thousands of guests.

Large Events Catering Sydney

Large events catering FAQs

How much time do we need to plan your event?
This depends on the scale of the event and the time of year, often larger events take multiple months to plan. However, we are happy to work with you to make things happen faster. Please get in contact with us to ascertain our capacity to assist

How involved do our clients need to be in the event planning process?
You can be as involved as you wish, whether that means leaving the planning totally up to us or working with us to create your event.

What is the maximum amount of people you can cater for?
To date, the largest event we have catered for is 4000 people, but we are always up for a challenge so have not set a hard limit on numbers.

How will you cater to such a large group of people?
We have done it before, and we will do it again. Once you send through your inquiry we will come back to you with what we think is the best way to cater for your event. We will then work with you to make sure that it is what you require.

Can you suggest some venues for a large event?
Please see our venues page for large venue options.

Have a question that is not listed here? Get in touch.